Former 810 Local Flow winner, Pasha dropped a strong message for any haters with her new 'Petty Warning' video.

It's been a minute since Pasha has released any new music, but you realize quickly that she hasn't lost a step.

With help from director Reese Anderson, Pasha puts together a dope video with some amazing graffiti art as the backdrop. The message of 'Petty Warning' is more than clear, and Pasha definitely is venting some personal business over the track.

Ever since Pasha won the Local Flow contest on Club 93.7, she has been one of my favorite female rappers in Flint.  I don't think she's ever gotten the credit due for being a lyricist, but that should start to change.

'Petty Warning' is available on iTunes right now, and make sure to follow Pasha on Twitter or Instagram to keep up on more new music coming.

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