The bar has been raised for the worst way to start a marriage.  While on his honeymoon, a Florida man was arrested in a sex sting for soliciting sex from a prostitute. Florida police put together a master plan sex sting investigation that lead to 92 people receiving handcuffs.  SMH.

Mohammed Ahmed, 21, of Illinois was arrested after showing up to the undercover location looking for sex.  Ahmed thought he was answering an ad for sex with a hooker but got on the hook for the worst time to get caught cheating.

Ahmed's wife had reported him missing from their Omni Hotel in Champions Gate room. To her surprise, Ahmed was looking to get busy with another woman.  Police quickly got busy on arresting him and 91 other people.

I think Ahmed has to be the stupidest person alive.  You cheat on your wife with a hooker, that's bad by itself.  In addition to cheating, you get arrested for your attempt to sex down a hooker.  Now the icing on the cake comes, when this happens on your honeymoon.  This can't be life, right?

Do you think the newlyweds will repair this bizarre incident?  Leave your response in the comment section below or take the poll.

via Sun-Senitinel