Proving good things come in small packages, Michigan's most unique Airbnb is a just a little piece of heaven.

Recently, Trips to Discover compiled a list of the most unique AirBnBs in every state. The list included everything from castles to treehouses with even a igloo thrown into the mix. Making the top choice for Michigan was a tiny, but amazing little getaway for those looking to walk away from it all.

Known as The Love Shack, the pint size abode sits on a cliff overlooking Lake Superior. The adorable house boast glass windows all around for a view to die for. Guests should be ready to walk away from the hustle and bustle of life and immerse themselves in total relaxation.

Taking in the beauty of the location is what this Airbnb is all about, so be prepared to unplug and recharge your body & mind, which is basically what you'll need to do since there is no electricity at The Love Shack. There is gas heat and lights  and even a Finnish-built sauna. Guests will need to bring their own food to cook over the fire pit with a grill or dutch oven, as well as bringing their own drinking water and ice along with bathing water too.

As far as bathroom facilities, there is a outdoor privy with a commode for night use so be sure to bring a flashlight for those midnight  trips to the bathroom. You will definitely be off the grid, but only 20 miles north of Marquette if you should need a little dose of civilization. Keep in mind cell service is minimal according to the Airbnb description.

The best part about this tiny, but terrific rental is the price. Listed at only $91 per night, it's a fiscal friendly escape, and from the looks of the booking calendar, it's a very popular spot. Take a look at The Love Shack below...and cue the B-52's song while you're scrolling through.

Most Unique Airbnb in Michigan: The Love Shack

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