There's going to be a new haunted house in Michigan to check out this Halloween season. Not just any haunted house but one that was once a real asylum and is said to be truly haunted.

Located in Westland, Eloise Asylum was built in 1931 and once had over 400 patients. The asylum pioneered many treatments for the mentally ill including electroshock therapy, insulin shock therapy, television therapy, and more.

Eloise Asylum is 30,000 square feet of high-tech horror which has been transformed into two haunted walk-throughs that takes about 35-40 minutes to complete. The first walk-through is Eloise Asylum and the other is called Sub Level 1 which is located in the basement.

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According to MLive, the attraction will also feature Advanced Projection Mapping Technologies often used at theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios.

Jay Kays, operations manager of Eloise Asylum:

This experience is very much cutting-edge and high-tech. ... Because of the mapping technology, it’s very immersive. It’s like a haunted art museum, but we also encapsulate what is a traditional haunt, so prepare to be scared like at a haunted house. We just sprinkled some extra magic into it.


When does Eloise Asylum open?

Eloise Asylum will open its doors to the public starting on Friday, October 1st. They'll be open Friday-Sunday throughout the month of October. They're also going to be open for a few days in November as well.

Alice Cooper will take part in a special ribbon-cutting ceremony that will be held on Thursday at 2 p.m.

 How much does it cost?

Combo tickets, which includes access to two haunted attractions are $40 each. VIP tickets include access to two haunted attractions with front of line privileges are $65.

They also offer paranormal, historical, & private investigation tours.

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