The votes have been counted and according to Exit 13 is the top haunted house in Michigan!

I always like to say Exit 13 is a 'hidden gem' in Michigan. A lot of haunted house enthusiasts know about the bigger haunted houses in the mitten, but if you really want to experience true terror, you visit Exit 13 Haunted House in Mt. Morris.

Exit 13 Haunted House is known for its huge warehouse setting that has so many rooms its really hard to notice every terrifying element in the haunted house the first time you visit the haunt. I've been through dozens of haunted houses in Michigan, and no one does it like Exit 13.

Exit 13 takes you on a highway of horror with its indoor maze featuring live actors who use physical tactics to keep you fully freaked out! When you set foot inside this haunt, you’ll be touched, pushed, and jostled by a cast of characters created to creep you out! On your way to the bloodiest of boulevards, you may find yourself separated from your friends, alone in a dark room, wondering if you’re the last person left on this hellish highway. “Think you have what it takes to survive? We dare you to get off at Exit 13, your destination for terror.” -

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