A active shooter walked into Great Mills High School in Maryland today and was shot and killed by a on site resource officer before any major tragedies took place.

Austin Wyatt Rollins a 17 yr old kid was shot and killed by resource officer Blaine Gaskill today and was pronounced dead around 1041 a.m. Austin and the officer fired on each other simultaneously in a hallway and the teen was mortally wounded, the officer wasn't hurt.

Here we are again with another active shooter situation. What's the solution? It's hard to say. I feel like it's starting to become normal to report on these things. Almost like whats happening in Chicago. I hope we find a more effective method soon, because this will be the 18th school shooting this year...

   Source: Washington Post

A student opened fire at Great Mills High School in Southern Maryland Tuesday morning, critically injuring a female student and possibly another before he was confronted by a school resource officer, according to the local sheriff’s office.

The officer and Austin Wyatt Rollins, 17, fired nearly simultaneously in a school hallway, leaving the teen mortally wounded, authorities said. It was unclear if the officer’s round struck Rollins, or if he was hit by his own bullet at the school 70 miles south of Washington D.C. A third student was shot in the incident but it is not immediately clear by whom.

Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan credited St. Mary’s County Deputy Sheriff Blaine Gaskill with possibly saving lives. Gaskill was not hurt.

The injured students, ages 16 and 14, and the shooter were rushed to the hospital. Rollins was pronounced dead at 10:41 a.m.

The motive for the shooting remains under investigation, but Cameron said at an afternoon press conference that detectives are exploring whether a prior relationship between Rollins and the female victim played a role.

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