A California teacher at Seaside High school accidentally discharged his weapon into the ceiling and fragments from the bullet hit a student in the neck.

The teacher, Dennis Alexander, accidentally fired the pistol during a lecture on public safety. An ironic twist of fate to be sure, and a story you'll likely here cited quite a bit as discussions over guns in schools continue.

There has been an influx of school shootings here in the US, with the Florida shooting being the most recent and brutal example. Some believe teachers carrying firearms to protect students may be the solution, an idea our current president Donald J. Trump suggested himself. Meanwhile, others look at situations like this as a prime example of why it would be a bad idea.

Now whether you think they should or not, this is an example of what could happen if we do decide to arm our teachers. But the real solution still hasn't been implemented. More armed guards? Arm the teachers? I'm not a fan of leaving our kids defenseless in a huge school either. But something has to give...


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