Get a sitter and have some adult time this summer at Cedar Point.

Coming up in June, Cedar Point will be offering something for adults only. On select nights at the park, Cedar Point is set to host adult-only after-party events called "Wild Frontier Nights." So be sure to get a sitter ready.

When are the Wild Frontier Nights scheduled?

Parents and adults can plan on having some fun without the kids for a change in June of 2022. Wild Frontier Nights are set to take place on the following days:

  • Friday, June 3rd from 9 pm until midnight.
  • Saturday, June 4th from 9 pm until midnight.
  • Friday, June 10th from 9 pm until midnight
  • Saturday, June 11th from 9 pm until midnight.

Wild Frontier Nights are exclusive after-parties for adults that will include Wild Frontier Eats, Wild Frontier Beats, and Wild Frontier Feats.

The evening will be filled with live music, drinks, food, bull-riding competitions, ax throwing, chainsaw carving, Rhinestone Roper Show, unlimited ride access, and so much more.

How much are tickets to Wild Frontier Nights?

Wild Frontier Nights have a limited capacity with the following ticket options:

  • Event Only Admission - $99.99
  • Lil's Libation Bundle - $139.99
    • Includes admission, parking, 3 savor samples, and 2 premium event cocktails.
  • Bucking Bronco Bundle - $169.99
    • Includes admission, parking, 6 savor samples, and 3 premium event cocktails.

This seems like it would be a blast and now I need to rally my friends for a trip to Cedar Point. I haven't been to Cedar Point in a few years now and this only adds to the list of reasons that I need to go in 2022.

For complete details on Wild Frontier Nights, click here. 

Source: Cedar Point

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