I think it is safe to say Twitter exploded when Alicia Keys danced in black leather pants during the NBA All Star Game halftime show.  The All Star game halftime show is not a big deal compared to the Super Bowl but we all tuned in last night.  A. Keys was the only performer and she surprised us all.

I wasn't not shocked to see A. Keys last night performing but what was a surprise was her dancing instead of her traditional performance style. It was strange seeing Keys come from behind the piano and show off her dancing skills.  In addition to seeing her dancing another surprise of the black leather pants.

I don't think we should see more dancing from Alicia Keys anytime soon.  The legendary singer was very stiff and didn't seem comfortable.  So many people on Twitter quickly brought up the battle of A. Keys versus Beyonce. Check out the video below and judge if you think Alicia Keys should start dancing more.