Michigan is one of the states that Amazon is looking in to find 5,000 new part time employees, that would work from home.

This is part of the 'Virtual Customer Service' program that Amazon has put into place.  The stay at home formula is designed to help those who may not be able to conform to a traditional work schedule.  Military spouses, college students, and parents are the targets for the new plan.

The hours will range between 2pm and Midnight on weekdays, with extended weekend hours starting at 7am.  There are a few job requirements according to Amazon.

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Fluent English Language Proficiency
  • Typing, Phone and Internet skillset
  • Participate In Mandatory Training
  • Distraction Free Work Environment

There are a few other requirements that Amazon has listed.  You can get more specifics about the jobs, and apply for them by clicking here.

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