I am pretty sure their is a chain of command for things like this, but why not just cut to the chase, and put it out there and see who bites. Here's the deal...

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Grand Blanc has a serious issue right now at the intersection of Dort Highway and Reid Road. The intersection has become incredibly busy due to construction in other areas of Grand Blanc and in turn as made the maneuvering the spot nothing short of dangerous.

Currently, Dort and Reid does not have a traffic light, which usually isn't a big deal since it's normally not a heavy traffic area. Now, the area has become a bit of a hot spot for back ups the past few months due to the road closures near the construction site at Grand Blanc and Embury Road. The result? Frustrated residents and concerned drivers.

Many residents have voiced their frustration on local Facebook pages , and have complained to local police departments as well. Residents want a temporary light put at the intersection of Reid and Dort, and they want it now!

I have to say, I agree, 100%. I myself tried to navigate the intersection just the other day, and felt like I was in a real life game of "Frogger" dodging cars to turn left onto Dort Hwy. A light would make life a whole lot easier and safe for sure, don't you think? Even just until construction is over?

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, it's not going to happen.

“At this point-- because our route isn’t part of that signed designated detour-- we don’t have the funding in place to make any chances to maintain traffic. That’s in addition to the fact that, the intersection, as its currently laid out, is just too large to use a standard temporary signal,” said Michigan Department of Transportation’s Jocleyn Hall told ABC12.

So basically, Grand Blanc residents we are out of luck. Apparently drivers are supposed to being using the Dort Highway roundabouts as a detour to the ongoing construction instead. Yeah....roundabouts....not my strong suit either.

To those drivers still up for the challenge at Dort and Reid, you are my heroes...Godspeed. For me, I'll be going the long way around instead. I'm just not that skilled.

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