Another UFO, perhaps one controlled by blood-thirty alien life forms, has been spotted in Detroit.

There is a distinct possibility that whatever is behind the wheel or joystick of the spacecraft shown in this video is searching for the most optimal spot to unleash a full-scale attack on the city…maybe even the state. Sure, these comments might sound a bit overly dramatic, but what else could possibly explain the recent sighting of UFOs flying all over Michigan.

Whether aliens are real or not, which they are…real, that is, is not for us to say. However, there is something about this particular piece of evidence that makes us think that someone out there is attempting to bamboozle the public. In the video, a strange object flies over a Michigan highway, but whoever is in the vehicle, running the camera, does not make a single sound: not one “holy sh*t,” not a “son of a b*tch,” not even a "sweet Jesus, what is that damn thing?"

This seems a bit odd to us…after all, seeing a UFO is not something that happens everyday, especially to the magnitude for which is revealed in this video. So, we’re calling BS on this one until someone out there can offer evidence to prove us wrong.

Watch for yourself and let us know what you think.

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