Dine Equity, the company that owns Applebee's and IHOP announced that there are some mass closures in the near future.

The company says that up to 130 Applebee's locations, and two dozen IHOP locations will be closing by the end of the year. The reason given is that the restaurants are struggling with their finances.

While we probably don't have to worry about the IHOP in Flint closing, we could see a decrease in the numbers of Applebee's around us.  Right now there are 60 Applebee's in Michigan, and 8 of those are within 20 minutes of Flint.

The company hasn't given specifics on which locations will be closed, but it's safe to say that at least one of our area locations are at risk.

You can read the official statement from Dine Equity about the closings here.

This poses a problem for families all around Genesee County.  Now the argument of where to eat may never be settled.  Applebee's is pretty much everyone's go to answer when not one person in the family can agree.

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