The idiot of the day goes to the Arkansas man who was plotting murder mistakenly butt dialed the intended victim.  Why does he have a phone that allows him to butt dial?

Larry Barnett, 68 years old, was talking to accomplice about murdering his former employee but inadvertently called the victim who heard the extremely long conversation.  The unidentified victim stayed on the phone for about a hour and a half listening to Barnett giving the hit-man directions to his home and how Barnett wanted the murder to go down.

"I don’t care if you have to burn his house to the ground with him in it. I don’t care what you have to do, make it look like an accident."

The Paragould Police Department were sent to the victim's home which had been burglarized.  In addition to the home being burglarized, the police notice the gas stove was tampered with.  The police quickly arrested the butt dialing suspect and charged him with conspiracy to commit murder.

Larry Barnett is truly an idiot and deserves to be in jail for a long time. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.