On Sunday December 22nd, the downtown Flint skyline will be permanently changed.  The Genesee Towers are scheduled to be imploded at 10am, and preparations have already started.

The tallest building in Genesee County stands at an impressive 19 wobbly stories.  It has become a hazard to Flint in recent years though, as pieces of it are already starting the demolition process.

The implosion will allow the building to collapse on itself, but there is still plenty of risk for neighboring buildings.  Most of the area will be evacuated due to the risk involved.

When the building is down, the next phase of downtown redevelopment will begin, including a new Farmers Market.

Although everyone has seen the outside of the towers, few have actually been inside.  Have you?  When was the last time you were on the inside?

 ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI