This video is for Governor Rick Snyder. You say you're "One Tough Nerd", why don't you prove it?

I think at this point 99% of Flint wants to fight Governor Rick Snyder. Flint is under a crisis thanks to lead in the water, and for the past 2 years thousands of people in Flint have had to worry about getting lead poisoning from the water. The water isn't safe to drink, bathe in, or even clean your food with.

I decided to call Snyder out and challenge him to 3 rounds of boxing. Snyder and I getting together would benefit the city of Flint because all of the ticket sales from our match would go towards the Flint Water Crisis. This is a crisis that has threatened so many peoples health here in Flint. Accept my challenge, Governor Snyder. Its the least you can do to help Flint.