Former Gov. Rick Snyder is being charged with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty that resulted in the 2014 Flint Water Crisis.

Now Snyder's legal team is trying to keep Flint residents out of the case completely by requesting that no Flint residents are allowed to be involved. That includes judges and Jurors.

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Oh really? How convenient would that be if no one from the city that you poisoned had a chance to convict you? On one hand, I get it. Your case is pretty much a wet paper towel if you're trying to convince a room full of Flint residents that your innocent. But it's not about winning a case, it's about serving justice.

Lawyers for former Gov. Rick Snyder believe Flint residents have possible conflicts and can't serve as judges or jurors in his criminal case related to lead in drinking water.

Snyder's legal team put its views in a letter requested by a judge before a hearing Tuesday.

You can check out the letter by clicking here.

I won't get mad at the requests from Snyder's legal team. It's actually a smart move to make, thus showing you that having money for a good lawyer can keep you outta trouble. I don't feel like this will fly and I hope that the judge sees that it's a MUST that we have Flint natives represented in this case.


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