Seven years ago, Taco Bell put together one of the best ad campaigns of all time.

In May of 2010, Taco Bell took advertising to a new level by creating the Super Delicious Ingredient Force. This was more than just a simple commercial strategy to promote their food, it was an entire web series and fully loaded flash site.

Taco Bell played off the Saturday morning 'Super Friends' cartoon, and created their team of heroes. In episode one, the team gets properly introduced as they take on the Cruddy Combo.

The first episode was an immediate hit, and left people waiting for the second installment.  I don't know if they hadn't anticipated it to be so popular or what, but the second episode didn't come out until July. When it did come out, Taco Bell was full steam ahead on pushing their 4th meal idea.

The second episode really nailed the early 80's cartoon vibe that the episode was going after. The grumble grumble is so spot on with every cartoon bad guy catch phrase that appeared at the time.  The third episode came out in October, and was used to push the new salsa flavors.

The third was the weakest of the episodes if you as me, but still had my crying.  By this time the SDIF website was up and running, and people were buying merch from the site.  Taco Bell had really tapped into something, but it felt like the ideas were running thin.  The fourth and final episode introduced the Lava Menu, and returned to form.

After the fourth episode dropped, so did the idea of the Super Delicious Ingredient Force.  The videos have been hidden from the Taco Bell YouTube channel, but are still accessible if you know where to find them.

They were probably unlisted when the SDIF website was shut down, so that people would stop trying to click to a dead link.  Thanks to The Way Back Machine, you can still catch a glimpse of the website in all its glory.  Make sure to scroll alllllllll the way over to the right so that you can find a couple hidden easter eggs.

Click on the picture below to check out the SDIF site, just make sure your flash player is update.



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