Stories like this one is truly amazing.  An Atlanta dad walked six miles to hang out with his daughter that was stranded at school.  The winter storm took ATL by surprise and forced students to stay at school over night due to icy conditions.  Well, a dad turned himself into Superman. 

Mark Nilson was not going to allow his daughter to be without family during the storm.  Unable to drive, Mark decided to walk to his daughter's school and spend the night with her and her classmates.

"I decided to take a blanket and walk up Peachtree Street and Roswell Road and Powers Ferry to go see Elizabeth."

The principal of the school Mark Rodgers told the local news station that the circumstances made everyone tired but they made the best of it.

"I'm tired, we're tired, but we're having fun with it."

Principal Rodgers played movies, feed the children pizza and popcorn, and titled the event as 'snow-cation.'  The positive principal and staff made things as comfortable as possible for the children Tuesday night.  Mark Nilson encompass the heart of a great father.  Walking six miles in the storm to be with his daughter is really commendable.

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