An Atlanta Waffle House was the scene of a beatdown over a homophobic slur which was all caught on tape.  WorldStarHipHop released the video and it is starting to go viral. Violence caught on tape is getting out of hand and here is just another incident that could have been prevented.

So the guy in the video rocking a blue shirt was arguing with some other customers from the Atlanta Waffle House when things went down hill.  While arguing, the guy in the blue shirt scream the homophobic slur of 'f-----.' Instantly it became violent.

A woman started the physical violence with a punch to the chin of the guy in a blue shirt.  Soon after that, a group of men, who were victim of the homophobic slur,  quickly jumped to assist in the assault.  Lastly, the guy in the blue shirt ends up on the floor hurt.

I am not a fan of verbally assaulting anyone or physically.  I do not think every party involved in this incident were in the right.  Both parties should really think before the act and react.