The Artist '1000' formerly known as '1000 Bars' is making his directorial debut with the film '810 Trap.' Family Over Riches and Black Label Entertainment  came together with the help of local underground artists and media avenues to create a direct depiction of how life is in Flint, Michigan for the young people in the urban communities. 

Though this film is a representation of the violence and crime surrounding the city of Flint, by no means does it glorify the actions of those acting or living within these means. '810 Trap' is going to be an in your face understanding / or slap in the face to those who do not understand the day to day living aspects of life in Flint.

This film premieres August 10th at The McCree Theatre (Urban League of Flint) on Pierson&Cloverlawn.  In the meantime, check out the trailer to '810 Trap' featuring some familiar faces I am sure and save the date, August 10th.