B.o.B. played a show at Cornell recently and afterward decided to have a few drinks.

His entourage of around 12 people walked into Level B nightclub in Ithaca on Saturday night to unwind after the show.

There are two different stories of what happened next.  One involves a "drink-and-dash by Bobbie Ray, and the other a bar owner looking for some free publicity.  Read on to find out which you think is more likely.

'Level B' owner, Brad Weiss claims that B.o.B. and his crew racked up a tab of more than $1,000 over the course of the night.

When the waitress presented them with the bill, the group left.  When they were confronted in the street, B.o.B.'s manager allegedly said:

"We’re doing you a favor for not charging you … When we go to clubs, we get paid to come’”

TJ Chapman, who works for Bobbie Ray, says it was almost the opposite.  He says that the waiter was continually offering the group bottles of liquor, under the assumption they were free.  When they left and the waiter presented the bill, they questioned him and he said "don't worry about it".

Whichever side you believe B.o.B. put on a great show at Cornell, and definitely got it in at 'Level B'.

BoB Twitter timeline

Check out some of the clips of B.o.B. on stage at Cornell.


After the story broke wide on the Internet, B.o.B. has since paid the bill (and a nice tip).  When asked about his feelings on the whole exchange Bobbie Ray said,"For me, I feel like whoever was responsible could've talked to me instead of using my name in an article.  They could've talked to me first about it and I would've gladly paid the bill double for interest for not paying it."



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