Tyga Threatens Fan While On Stage [Video]
Tyga gets mad while on stage at one of his concerts and threaten some fans in the crowd. Now I'm not 100% percent sure about this but isn't Tyga like 120lbs?
I don't think I would be scared at all. I would probably laugh and keep talking trash. I like the kid, but I'm sure as hell…
B.O.B. Leaves $1,000 Bar Tab Without Paying
B.o.B. played a show at Cornell recently and afterward decided to have a few drinks.
His entourage of around 12 people walked into Level B nightclub in Ithaca on Saturday night to unwind after the show.
There are two different stories of what happened next.  One involves a "drink-and-dash by Bobb…
Kanye West Hits The Stage With Prince [Video]
When you think about collaborations, Kanye West and Prince are not the first two people that come to mind.  When you think about it though, these two have a lot more in common than expected (I'll get into the similarities a little later).
Both Kanye and his Purpleness were in Sweden for the "Way…
Rihanna Show Cut Short Due To Fire [Video]
Rihanna was an hour into her concert in Dallas when things started to go wrong.  Fans noticed that she seemed to be rushed off of the stage, then they saw why.  The video shows a light fixture on the set starting to spark and then start on fire!  Rihanna was taken off stage, and the a…
Pink Falls Off Stage In Germany [Video]
Pink falls off stage while performing at a concert in Germany. Now this isn't a small slip up, no she literally fell completely off stage. Not only that she was wearing a weird metal harness that seemed to inflict some serious pain. She's doing fine she wasn't seriously hurt. even though she got bac…
Win Kid Cudi Tickets!
This Thursday is another "Ticket Thursday's"! We have your chance to Beat The Box Office and win tickets to see Kid Cudi before they go on sale! Find out more here.

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