I recently hosted the first annual Red Masquerade Ball held at the Holiday Inn Center to help raise awareness for AIDS/HIV.  First I would like to give a huge shout out to Lei Langston without her this event wouldn't have been possible.

Also a big thank you to LINK Community Arts and Wellness Services for coming out and supporting the event 100%! All Proceeds went to help raise money for AIDS awareness.

This event touched on the most important aspect of HIV/AIDS prevention and that's by getting tested.  Knowing about the status of your body will not only give your peace of mind, but the ones who are infected have options to help prolong their life for years! A prime example be Lamar. A guest speaker at the event spoke on how his life has been since he contracted HIV. And you know the crazy part about it? Lamar contracted the virus 30 years ago!

Knowing, will and can save your life. So please practice safe sex and get yourself tested regularly. Don't be afraid to do so. Your strong enough...