Balaal Hollings had a great Senior year going at Northwestern High in Detroit before he was shot in the head trying to break up a fight.  He showed his classmates the true meaning of courage at their graduation ceremony.

Hollings was the Senior Class President, a football standout and overall great guy.  Unfortunately he was forced to miss the last two months of school after being shot in the head while he was trying to break up a fight at a party.

None of Hollings classmates thought that he would be able to appear at their graduation, but Balaal showed them the meaning of courage.  When he walked across the stage, the crowd erupted!  Screams, tears and smiles were everywhere in the crowd while Balaal spoke.

I've always thought that a mans true character shows at two points in their lives.  One is in their reaction to winning and the other is their rebound from a loss.  Balaal showed that he is a true inspiration after not letting tragedy stop him from standing where he knew he belonged.

Thank you Balaal for being an amazing example for us all.