statechampsnet via YouTube

It seems like Flint and the Flint area has been the butt of many jokes over recent years and 2015 hasn't been any different. But I am proud to say a group of young men from Beecher high school has changed the image and made us forget our problems even if it's just for a little while.Aquavius Burks, Cedric Moten, Levane Blake, Malik Ellison, Samuel Toins and the rest of the Beecher High School Boys Basketball team has brought the Class C State Championship back to Beecher after winning their final game at the Breslin Center, hopefully Michigan State were watching these young men closely and took some notes.

To celebrate this great accomplishment the small community of Beecher came together today for a championship celebration, which included cheerleaders, the school marching band, students, staff, alumni and of course fans.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the festivities after I interviewed a couple of the players on the day of their big celebration.