Beecher's Monte Morris is teaming up with Hy-Vee grocery stores to send a massive water donation to Flint.

Morris was a basketball standout at Beecher High School, and is continuing his stellar play at Iowa State.  Despite being a few states away, Morris is always looking for ways to help out his hometown of Flint.

When the Flint Water Crisis became national news, a grocery store in Iowa teamed up with Morris to help out.  Morris talked on Twitter about how Flint remains one of his top priorities.

All we can say is THANK YOU Monte!

Just a personal note . . . Monte isn't some NBA star running around with millions of dollars (although he will definitely be in the NBA someday).  He's a college kid dealing with classes, and sports and everything else that gets thrown at him.  This is the type of guy we want representing Flint!