Nature's Fury: Awesome Kuwaiti Sandstorm - Watch more Funny Videos

A HUGE Sandstorm sweeps through Kuwaiti this past weekend. Watch as it blackens the sky!

Mother Nature does not mess around. There are so many other things that she does that we often forget about. We know about Tornados and Hurricanes, but other things have dramatic effects as well. Think mudslides and forest fires or avalanches. But in the Middle East there's something that we don't see too often here in the States and that is Sandstorms. Look how high the sand is, and how dark it gets. I'm shocked the people stuck around that long... I would have been OUUUUTTT! I would have tried to park my car somewhere 'cuz I JUST washed it! lol... This is an awesome sight to see. Sometimes Mother Nature is scary and beautiful at the same time!