Former President, Bill Clinton, will be in Flint and Saginaw today trying to convince voters to support Hillary.

He will be talking to crowds about two major points of the campaign.  The first will talk about Hillary's economic plan for the future. He will also be urging potential voters to register before the October 11th deadline.

Clinton will visit Saginaw first, heading to the Dow Event Center for a rally.  The doors open to the public at Noon, with Clinton set to speak at 1:15pm.  Traffic in the area will be terrible so please plan accordingly.

Clinton will head south on I-75 to take part in a rally on the U of M Flint campus later in the afternoon.  The doors of the U of M Flint Northbank Center will open at 2pm, with Clinton set to speak at 3:15pm.

The schedule is tentative, and will most likely change a little as traffic and reporters slow the travel process.