The talk of legalizing marijuana has been louder and louder year by year. With the 2016 election coming up, I don't see how politicians can ignore this giant elephant in the room. It is legal in about 4 states and in some states like Michigan it is legal only for medical purposes.Maher does a good job mixing comedy with fact and at the same time getting his point across about the legalization of marijuana in America.

He states even though it should be common sense to legalize it, because it is not as addictive as prescribed drugs, it probably won't be because the war on drugs is a billion dollar industry.

Maher then goes on to tell the story of a Gulf War veteran from Kansas who wanted to move to Colorado because marijuana is legal. The medicine the doctors gave him were not working and the only thing that would stop his pain was marijuana. Kansas heard about what was going on and had has his children taken away. I have to check the authenticity of this story but if this is true then that is sad.

After that sad story, Bill Maher lights up what looks to be a joint and smokes it. Oh did I mention that Atlanta rapper Michael Render better known as Killer Mike sat through the entire show as well? How crazy is that.

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