In an era where platforms like Twitter and SoundCloud make superstardom more accessible than ever, the importance of major record labels seemingly erodes with each day. Still, selling records is a big deal, and Birdman's Cash Money Records has done a lot of that over the last 20 years. How much? According to the CM head honcho himself, one billion units. You read that right.

Yesterday (April 5), the mogul/rapper used his Instagram account to reveal an official plaque commemorating his record label selling over one billion albums. The plaque reads, in part, "Presented to Bryan 'Birdman' Williams to commemorate worldwide sales of more than 1 billion units."

"Big boy shit right here baby. A billion units. I mean to say this, to all you dick-sucking fuck niggas, like, forreal, forreal," says Birdman in the video, which you can see for yourself below. "I don't give a fuck about selling no records bitch, I accomplished what I never thought I could accomplish. This shit bigger than McDonald's, bitch."

With his ongoing beef with Lil Wayne, and the turmoil surrounding Cash Money, it's sort of easy to forget just how big the label has actually been. After introducing the world to superstars like Juvenile and Weezy, the label–indirectly or not—brought the world Drake and Nicki Minaj, who are pretty much the faces of mainstream rap. Like him or not, you have to put a little respect on Birdman's name.

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