I sing the praises of Flint's Bishop Airport all the time because it's so easy to get to and get through. But a new high-tech check-in system will streamline the process of traveling through our local airport even further.

Bishop Airport has adopted a CAT - that's a Credential Authentication Technology system that is being used by TSA workers to enhance their ability to detect fraudulent IDs.

Steve Lorincz is the Michigan TSA Federal Security Director, and he says the new system also reduces the number of surfaces passengers need to touch during the check-in process.

“The new credential authentication technology unit enhances our detection capabilities for identifying fraudulent ID documents and improves the passenger’s experience by increasing efficiency during the checkpoint experience,” Lorincz said. “The CAT unit also reduces touchpoints at the checkpoint, which benefits both officers and travelers during this pandemic.”

Lorincz notes that a similar system has already been installed and is working well at Metro International Airport in Detroit. Work is being done to implement the new technology at international airports throughout the United States.

The system, which costs about $27,000, has been purchased with funds allocated by the US government.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, the system will be able to authenticate all types of IDs, including passports, military ID cards, US visas, photo IDs (including drivers licenses) issued by other states and Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler ID cards.

Because of its ease of access and the fact that navigating through the airport is so easy, Bishop Aiport easily makes our list of 'The Best Things About Flint from A to Z' below.


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