We all know Black History Month is here and not only is Black History Month history for African Americans but history for all Americans.  Many achievements for our country and global community have manifested themselves through the accomplishments of African Americans.  I am not about to try and provide a lecture in this post.  I would to get straight to the point.

I would like to highlight some positive African Americans from OUR COMMUNITY who have done some great things.  I know, I could easily highlight Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and so on.  However, this year I would to focus on people in our community who are making positive strides.

Now, this is what I need from you.  I need you to nominate someone from our community who you think is a positive contributor, who happens to be an African American.  Each day for the month of February I will post that individual on our website in honor of Black History Month.