So you think you and your significant other are a "Happy Couple?"

You may want to think again after you see some of the statistics that 'Headwater Holidays' found in their study of happy marriages.

According to them, here's what happy couples do:

They go on two vacations a year.  Happy couples also go on two more "short breaks," like a long weekend away.

They say "I love you" four and a half times a week.  And share a "lingering kiss" six times a week.

They have sex twice a week, and cuddle five and a half times.

They go out to dinner three times a month . . . and go out for drinks together just as often.  They go out with friends WITHOUT their spouse twice a month.

They have two deep, meaningful conversations, and one healthy argument each week.  And they also surprise each other with a romantic gesture three times a month.

Do agree with these stats?  It seems like it would be hard to squeeze all of those things into one month.