Blake Griffin showed us all why he is deserving of our respect after packing up his locker this week.

Griffin earned my admiration during the four game sweep with his one legged performance in games three and four. He did the most Detroit thing possible, and played through the pain of an injury that would have most of us in the hospital.

Instead of complaining or saying good riddance, Blake took time to thank all of the fans for embracing him. He posted his thanks and thoughts for next season on Instagram.

thank you for embracing me and our team. can’t wait to get back to work

I have no idea if Blake will be back in Detroit next year, and I don't think he does either. I can say that no matter what happens to him going forward, he will be one of my favorite players.

I honestly couldn't say that when he was traded to Detroit.

I was on the bandwagon bitching because he was too expensive, and got injured too much. Then all he did in Detroit was play hard, put up career high numbers, and work every single game. Sounds pretty Detroit to me.

Blake even took time at the exit press conference to talk to every single reporter.

I salute you Blake, and hope that the Pistons build around you instead of without you.

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