Blake Griffin touched on everything from comedy to free agency when he sat down with Jimmy Fallon.

Griffin is one of my favorite players, and not only because he's in Detroit, but he just seems like a good guy. He's actually funny, and actually does stand up in the off season.

During his conversation with Fallon, Griffin mentioned that he found out about the biggest NBA free agency moves while he was at a friends comedy show. Griffin talks about missing his friends entire stand up routine because he was following the Leonard news on Twitter.

The best part is when Griffin stops to point out that he found out on Twitter, the same way everyone else did.

Griffin also threw in a quick comment about how quiet the Pistons were during free agency, but we won't get into that here.

Make sure you watch the interview all the way through because Blake takes some time to explain the post game interview to Fallon. He even makes Jimmy put himself in the athletes shoes in a pretty funny bit.

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