Blueface has leaked some new angles from the huge fight between him, his mother and his sister which had the internet on a screw Blueface bandwagon. I told you we didn't know the whole story.

My mom once told me that there are three sides to every story. Your story, their story, and the truth. Now that we get a look inside the house from another angle you can clearly see Blueface's sister grab a knife and make her way upstairs.

Thankfully Blueface was right there to stop her because this could have been a totally different outcome. Now with this new footage, I feel bad for Blueface. It seemed like he just wanted things to calm down, which is also why I didn't demonize him when the story first came out. It's easy to paint someone as the bad guy, so always remember. Listen to both sides of any situation before you decide to have an opinion. Because one detail can change the whole dynamic of the conversation.

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