Blueface fans don't play.

On Tuesday night (Aug. 6), the 2019 XXL Freshman shared a video of a female fan on his Instagram account, showing off the massive tattoo she got inked on her thigh of a hybrid of Blueface and Benjamin Franklin.

"Now dats a mf tattoo," the rapper captioned the video.

Of course, the Ben Franklin half is in homage to the large tattoo Blueface has on the right side of his face. In a previous interview on the No Jumper podcast, he explained why he got the ink.

“This gon’ make it the only other option,” he told host Adam22, referring to his plans to use his face tattoo as motivation to succeed as a rapper. “Can’t quit with no big-ass Benji on your face. Ain’t nobody fucking with you.”

The rapper's two girlfriends —one of whom is no longer dating the rapper—recently got the same Ben Franklin tattoos on their hands as well.

In other Blueface news, the Los Angeles native's legal team reportedly filed documents in court insinuating that the officers who arrested and charged him with one count of carrying a loaded handgun may have been motivated by race. According to a report, the docs allege the officers have a "history of writing false police reports" and state that Blueface was not in possession of a firearm and was only targeted by police because he appeared to look nervous.

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