A rep for American Airlines has contacted XXL in response to Boosie's claim of racism on their behalf. They are aware of the rapper's allegations and have investigated his flight experience and reviewed camera footage from the incident. AA rep LaKesha Brown denies Boosie's racism claims and says the rapper was only denied entry on the plane because he arrived after the aircraft gate had closed, which is standard procedure. After Boosie missed his flight, Brown says the airline immediately booked him on the next plane going to his destination.

Boosie BadAzz is big mad and he is placing the blame for his anger squarely at the feet of American Airlines.

On Saturday (June 8), the Louisiana rapper hopped on Instagram to vent his frustration. He claims he was refused entry onto an aircraft by an AA worker even though he was given permission to board by the pilot, causing him to miss a show. Boosie let the steam out of his collar off the rip posting, "American Airlines r racist, ignorant, bitch MFs, faggot ass fucks. I hope u bitches [and] y'all planes crash."

In the caption, BadAzz further expounded on the situation. "(American Airlines) The man who just refused to let me get on the plane with my kids IS a bitch ass hater," he began his lengthy colorfully-worded diatribe. "If I ever see you again I’m gon spit n yo fucking face you bitch ass hater.The captain told you that we could be let on but you did not want us on because of your jealousy towards me .I MISS MY FUCKING POOL PARTY YOU BITCH ASS HOE . You jealous ,broke ass , pussy ass , bitchass faggot you deserve a bullet n yo fucking face you hoe ass RACIS BITCH. U look like a bitch ass mf . I BET YO KIDS suffer because of yo pussy ass. I BET THEY HUNGRY now cause of yo pussy ass .I HOPE I catch yo bitch ass out this airport one day u fuck nigga.how did GOD let yo bitch ass live so long?"

The hatred and vitriol didn't stop there. He went on to diss the entire airline and bystander employers who he felt should have intervened. "American Airlines is a fuck ship , THEY ALWAYS DELAYED , THE PLANES ALWAYS SHAKING, FIRST CLASS TREATMENT IS BULLSHIT , THEY BARELY HAVE TVS ON THIS BULLSHIT ASS PLANE N THEY HIGH AS FUCK‼️" he continued. "DO NOT RIDE AMERICAN AIRLINES Because u will not get to your destination on time n the people that work for this wack ass airline company have horrible attitudes .THEY RUDE ASS FUCK n this black bitch don’t even try n help a nigga after seeing this man fucked over me n my kids ,SAD ASS BLACK UGLY BITCHES.I hope THIS NIGGA HATER Mhave a head on collision n die coming from yo airport job WITH YO pregnant wife n the car you PUSSY 🖕🏽🖕🏽I HOPE U BITCHES N THESE PLANES CRASH N BURN hope I see u n da streets pussy."

He ended with a message for anyone tripping off him being so angry. "If anybody got a problem with what I said SUCK MY DICK see me n the streets n say something," the rapper closed.

The BooPac rhymer has had some wild IG moments, and this one is out there as well. XXL has reached out to American Airlines for comment. Check out Boosie's entire rant below.

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