Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley just served up an Eminem name-drop on “No Talkin,” which is a ferocious new track from his new Scriptures album.

On the track, Grizzley comes out attacking the Chopsquad DJ and ATL Jacob-produced beat with a flurry of acidic lyrics before he proclaims that he runs Detroit and dismisses the idea of Em holding the D-Town belt.

“Aventador and the license plate Michigan/Had to quit fucking with dawg, he feminine/I run Detroit, niggas talkin' ‘bout Eminem/Talking that shit, I kill you, him, and him/I made a M, then I made a M again, slow down/Check that score nigga, blow out,” he spits on the track.

Now, Tee's Em name-drop isn't necessarily a diss, but it's definitely a competitive jab at the rapper most people consider to be among the best ever. Eminem has yet to respond, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he did soon.

Grizzley's new song comes just over a month after his fellow Detroit rapper Sada Baby said the Shady Records founder is not on his Mount Rushmore of Motor City’s best rhymers. As far as Sada is concerned, Em's just a slot in the honorable mention section.

Listen to Tee Grizzley's song "No Talkin" below.

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