Bootleg teams up with local Flint rapper and 81show host Greg Joslin for the remix of "Came Here To Smoke". Serious Flint vibes coming off this track.

Greg Joslin "Pressure"
Greg Joslin "Pressure"

Bootleg is a legend when it comes to the city of Flint. When you bring up greatest Flint rappers of all time The Dayton Family is 100% on that list and now it looks like Greg Joslin might be next in line.

Almost like a passing of the torch Greg Joslin has been making music for some time now and can be heard every week on the 81show giving artist a platform to shine. Now with just a few days away from his new album "Pressure" Greg is setting himself up to become a legend in the making..

Look out for Greg Joslin's new album "Pressure" December 10th on all digital formats.

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