Hey Michigan, why play Monopoly when you can play something closer to home like Burton Opoly? I did not think this game was real, I was wrong - and it is Burton AF.

In case you did not notice from the title, the game is a Monopoly knock off produced by Late For The Sky. I can't say for sure that the company created it, because according to their website they take ideas for board games too.

The premise (like Monopoly) is to collect properties. Instead of Board Walk or Park Place, you can own the following properties when playing Burton Opoly,

Those are just a few Burton busines property cards included in the game. There are also cards for the Burton Memorial Day Parade, Flag Park Veterans Memorial, Burton City Hall, and Downtown Burton. Belsay Road, Atherton Road, and Bristol Road also have playing cards of their own.

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My friend Veronica bought her game at the Walmart on East Court Street In Burton. I called to ask if they had any games left in stock, but I was on hold for so long - I hung up. No disrespect Walmart, I had to go into the studio (bad cell reception).

Let me know if you get your hands on a game, and you want me to play too. As long as we can make it into a drinking game, I am in.

Burton Opoly

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