'Monopoly' is one of the all time classic board games, and there are versions of Monopoly adapted to pretty much every part of pop culture, but nothing comes close to the changes they are about to make.

Monopoly is asking you to choose which game piece will be eliminated from the game forever!  It doesn't end there though, they also want you to vote in a new game piece to take its place.

It's hard enough eliminating an old friend like Scotty Dog, the Race Car or even the Top Hat . . . but asking us to replace an old friend might be too much.  Before you decide who to get rid of, maybe it will help to meet the list of new contenders.

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The choices are between a robot, helicopter, guitar, diamond ring or a cat.  How could you seriously suggest the possibility of replacing any of the classics with a cat?!

There has been plenty of opposition to the change, but Monopoly is going to swap out a game piece weather you like it or not.  The only choice is to go vote.