Burton Police have created a new program to help keep neighborhoods safe.

The Community And Resident Equality Services program, or CARES program, is a new program created by the Burton Police Department that hopes to keep neighborhoods safe and better police the area. The CARES program is made up of every rank of officer from the Burton Police Department, as well as community members.

Members plan to put new programs and ideas into action this summer to help keep the community safe. One of the first actions of the program was to create and distribute door hangers with crime prevention tips printed on them. If officers on patrol see something suspicious or have concerns about your property, they will fill out the door hanger and leave the tips for you.

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The officers will check the portions of the door hanger they are concerned about and leave the note on your door. The checkboxes include: (Check out pictures of the door hangers here.)

  • Open garage door
  • Ladder left near building
  • Vehicle - unlocked
  • Vehicle - windows open
  • Vehicle - valuables left visible inside
  • Bicycle not secure
  • Loud party
  • Barking dog complaint
  • Parking warning
  • Audible alarm
  • Other comments

The officer that leaves the door hanger will also leave their name, date, and time. The door hanger also includes emergency and non-emergency numbers for residents to use. On the backside of the door hanger residents are given more crime prevention tips for inside the home, outside the home, key sense, what to do while on vacation, and more.

Honestly, I think this is a great idea. Some may disagree, but that is fine. I feel the one thing this world lacks the most right now is good and honest communication between us all. This seems like a great place to start.

Source: Burton Police Department

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