The story of a homeless man stealing millions of dollars in jewelry from Drake's tour bus just got a little stranger. Based on statements in court documents, Drake's tour bus driver actually watched the thief walk right onto the bus. The driver did not think twice about it as he assumed Travion King was one of Drake's friends.

Drake's driver left the doors to the tour bus unlocked because he remained in its vicinity according to TMZ. The driver apparently had no inclination to stop King from boarding the bus because the thief did not ask permission. The driver just assumed King was part of Drake's entourage.

King's unrestricted entry onto the tour bus allowed him to make away with a briefcase containing $3 million dollars worth of jewelry. The bling is the property of Future the Prince, Drake's DJ.

The successful heist did not last long as King was arrested the next day (Sept. 7) on the campus of Arizona State University. Police stopped King on an unrelated trespassing charge then discovered he was in possession of the briefcase.

Despite the well publicized nature of the theft, Drake insisted that he was not robbed when pressed by paparazzi. Drake is technically right since the jewelry belongs to his DJ, but the heist did occur on his tour bus. At the very least, Drizzy's driver now knows to keep a very watchful eye on who is boarding the bus.

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