The idiot of the day goes to the California man who was arrested after trying to sell a stolen Chick-Fil-A costume on Craigslist.  This has to be the most disappointing crime for Halloween this year. 

Robert Michael Trytten, 43 years old resident of Riverside, California, was arrested for trying to sell the restaurant chain mascot for only $350.  Trytten not only had one costume to offer but he had a total of two after allegedly stealing them in separate breaks-in at Chick-Fil-A.

Trytten was arrested after producing the costume to a undercover cop.  The idiot of the day was selling the costumes for $350 when they were valued over $2,000.  A bail has been set for the Southern California man of which amounts to $275k.

I don't get why you would steal the Chick-Fil-A costumes and then try to publicly sell them on Craigslist.  I have never purchased or sold anything on Craigslist for reasons just like this.