A strike at a factory in Ontario will cause layoffs at three GM plants, including one in Flint, which are set to begin this week.

Employees who build the Chevrolet Equinox at the Ingersoll, Ontario plant have been on strike since September 17th, and General Motors announced in a statement today that some production adjustments must be made as a result.

Starting sometime this week, an undisclosed amount of layoffs will be made at Flint Engine Plant, as well as at plants in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and St. Catherine's, Ontario. The good news is that they likely don't expect the layoffs to last long, as they are referring to them as "short term." However, officials are not disclosing specific details in regards to the move.

The Ingersoll plant employs roughly 2,500 workers, who are bargaining for more job security and better pay. Sources say the union announced Sunday that they have proposed a new package to GM Canada in hopes of ending the labor dispute and getting their employees back to work. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved soon and all involved parties can get back to work.

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