Cee Lo performed at Coachella over the weekend, but didn't make many friends with the festivals organizers.  Cee Lo was more than an hour late, and when he finally did hit the stage he blamed Coachella for not giving him a different set time.  Watch the performance and check out what else he did to slam Coachella.

At one point during the performance Cee Lo encouraged the audience to give Coachella the finger!  He did manage to perform Crazy, F You, Smiley Face and part of Journey before being cut off.  Lauryn Hill took the stage after Cee Lo and was only 15 minutes late.  For L-Boogie thats the equivalent of being 2 hours early! Check out Lauryn do her thing here.

In all fairness Cee Lo is traveling all over the country, and flights do get delayed.  In fact, shortly before his Coachella performance Cee Lo was helping out Oprah with her theme song.  Check it out.