The heart and soul of the 'Bad Boys' era Pistons turns 59 today, and that means we're sitting down to watch some good old fashioned Rick Mahorn basketball.

I could honestly sit and type all day about how different the NBA is today compared to when Mahorn played. I could tell you all about the role of the Bad Boys in shaping modern basketball. I could even talk about how one of Mahorn's signature moves is still used today! Even in this sissy version of the NBA.

I won't though, mainly because I will most likely just come off as an old curmudgeon that just sounds bitter about today's game.Instead, let's just enjoy the artistry that was Rick Mahorn.

A perfect starting place is the 1989 NBA Finals against the Lakers. The Pistons would win the series and be crowned champs, but this video highlights all of the altercations Mahorn had during the series. There's more action in the video below from one series, than there was in the entire NBA last season.

Just as a point of reference, nobody was thrown out of any game during the 1989 finals . . . think about that for a second.

I mentioned earlier that some of Mahorn's moves are still being used today. Check out the video below where he perfectly executed his "pull out the chair" defense. This became a staple of post defense in the NBA, and is still used today when players aren't too busy flopping on the ground trying to get a call.

Mahorn was not only a fierce competitor, but he was one of the most loyal teammates anyone could ask for.  He talks about his Pistons team with ESPN in the video below.

One of the most important things that makes Rick Mahorn who he is though, is his competitive spirit. That means that while he may be a great teammate, he is also going to be your worst enemy when he is on the opposing team.

Just check out the video of Isiah Thomas trying to punch him during his first visit back to Detroit after he was picked up by the 76rs.

Mahorn didn't even flinch.

Happy Birthday Rick, and thank you for coming back to Detroit. You'll always be a Piston to us.

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