If there is but one small, positive thing that can come out of tragedy, it is that people often join together in the midst of it, offering their support, love, and humanity to one another. This poignant human camaraderie is but a small but bright light in the darkness, one that is more than welcome—even on social media.

In the wake of Friday's terrible events, in which a city-wide terrorist attack in Paris has left at least 127 dead and countless in the throes of fear and confusion, celebrities from all walks have taken to social media to voice their prayers, share their tributes, and offer their support for the victims and people of Paris.

Madonna took to Instagram to share a somewhat political message straight from her "rebel heart," exclaiming, "We are all immigrants! We all bleed the same color!"

One Direction's Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry also took to their shared Instagram account to voice their "thoughts and condolences to those who have been affected," while Beyonce posted a hand-written note that simply read, "Praying for Paris."

On Twitter, Ariana Grande lamented, "What a scary, chaotic day on earth," adding, "My heart is with everyone in Paris and Japan," the latter referencing the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that also rattled southern Japan yesterday.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Ellie Goulding expressed her "eternal confusion" over the harrowing attacks, echoing the general sentiment across the Internet. Eternal confusion, indeed.

Take a look at some of the other uplifting messages posted by celebrities on Twitter and Instagram, below:

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